The Nice Café Rosegger in Leibnitz

The Café Rosegger is right in the center of Leibnitz, a town half the way between Graz and Maribor, Slovenia. This Café is really nice and offers many of the Austrian desserts Austria is so famous for. Her you can get plenty of different tarts, cakes, all sorts of pastries and even the famous Temmel Ice Cream known all over Styria for its creamyness. Oh you don’t want to miss this creamyness.

You can sit in the nice inside or in the patio and experiencing the life of the main street promenade of Leibnitz. The staff is friendly and willing to help you translating the German menu. Here at Rosegger in Leibnitz you can truely experincing the life of the locals of Styria called Steirer right along enjoying your delicous pastry or tart and your creamy coffee or even your super-creamy Temmel Ice Cream, which is a true Styrian product with stores in LA and Istanbul for instance.

For those of you who prefer the slideshow, here you are:

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The Bottom Line: Café Rosegger in the long stretched main square of Leibnitz, this town’s promenade, located in Hauptplatz 16 in 8430 Leibnitz, is a very nice coffee shop offering you all the goodies of the Austrian patry world within a local atmosphere.

From Leibnitz with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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