The Alpengarten Rannach – A Mountain Lodge at city limits combining nature and events

The Alpengarten Rannach is a great place to experience nature at the city limits of Graz. The Alpengarten has this cosy atmosphere, which reminds a little bit of a mountain lodge. The owners who run this place are nice and engaged in much social and charity work and are more of the alternative/independent type. They serve good local food with healthy ingredients here and you can get into nice and sophisticated talks easily with the folks here at this lodge.

This place has it all: nature and the forest just around the corner and a scenic view over the city and into the Alps, what give this place the flair of a retreat center. It’s recommended to reach the Alpengarten Rannach by car. So consider the Alpengarten as a secret getaway if you want to explore the nature in the green belt surrounding the city of Graz.

Many culture and music events are performed here at their “Art-Protection-Zone”. The food served at the Alpengarten is delicious, healthy and home-made and it comes with much love by the owners, who like to chat with their guests. We had a delicious pumpkin cream soup together with a healthy apple juice at the Alpengarten. But take a look for yourself:

For those of you who cannot resist to view the photos in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Alpengarten Rannach located in the Rannachstraße 176, in 8046 Stattegg, is a great mountain-lodge-style Inn with nice owners who are socially and charitywise quite active and like to chat with their guests. Therefore there are events performed frequently here at the Alpengarten.

From the Alpengarten with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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